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Psychosocial Services is a charitable service organization and as such is largely not for profit. Psychosocial Services raises funds for charities using income generated from personalised professional assistance to clients. Assessment, information, and referral services as well as counseling and psychotherapy services form core business.
Advanced specialised services in alcohol and other drugs; psychotherapy for anxiety disorders including phobias; family therapy and general management of Centrelink and other formal matters.

Standard AASW fees are $98 per hour for individuals and $118 per hour for groups. The fee schedule may be adjusted following intake for people experiencing financial difficulties using a sliding scale Less formal upport is also available from our online blogspot: ( Medical rebates may apply in some cases and a referral can be arranged through you GP. Other people may choose to approach the service directly usually to ensure that sensitive matters stay private and only in one file.

Psychosocial Services is very informal due to the belief that we all need help from time to time. Advanced therapy is available at home or in a clinical setting depending on the situation. A clear service plan is developed with the client to ensure outcomes.

Men and women are welcome from any linguistic background and we treat all services as highly private. To make initial contact please send an email notice together with your details and a short explanation of the reason if possible and we can begin our new relationship. Referral to another service agencies might also be the case upon consultation. The Blogspot site, however, is more of a forum than an individual initial service intake medium and is designed as in informal presumed public site according to the terms and agreements of the Blogspot during all correspondence.


*Member Australian Association of Social Workers